What are Ingrown Hairs and how to deal with them?

August 17, 2018

Adeel Kothiwala
Founder of Troopix

What are Ingrown Hair and How to Deal with them?

All hair should grow outward through the skin, but sometimes, the hair grows sideways or even crawls back inside the hair follicles. The hair is known as ingrown hair and can cause inflammation and skin irritation. The area with skin irritation can appear as a red or pink bump on the surface of the skin or can also appear as a cluster of red bumps or pimples.

Common Causes of Ingrown Hair

Most ingrown hair occurs on the skin when there are too many dead cells on the surface of your skin. Dead cells clog the hair follicles and prevent them from growing outwards. Ingrown hairs are most common in the areas of hair removal such as legs, buttocks, pubic region, armpits, neck and face, but they can appear anywhere in the body. Also, if you have naturally coarse or curly hair, you are more prone to getting ingrown hair and infections related to it. 

Treating and Preventing Ingrown Hair

Even though ingrown hair is quite common, they can cause embarrassing skin lesions. Most of the time, these ingrown hair go away on their own if you keep the area properly clean. It is best to keep the area moisturized using an organic product. Sometimes, these ingrown hairs can also turn into the cyst and cause a lump or an infected growth. Even though ingrown hair is not dangerous, they can be quite painful. If the cyst continues to grow and the infection spreads, it can travel to your blood and get worse. These cysts are often filled with fluid, and the area can get swollen. Some of these cysts develop under the skin while others may be nearer to the surface where they can develop a yellow or a white head. It is best not to pick at the ingrown hair or the cyst as it can worsen the situation. You can unknowingly introduce new bacteria that can cause infection. Also, plucking on ingrown hair or the cyst can leave dark spots on the skin that are difficult to get rid of.

You can prevent the risk of infection due to ingrown hair by preventing ingrown hair in the first place. It is best to wash your skin using natural products to prevent bacteria from entering your skin. You should also avoid dull blades and change your razor frequently. You should always remove hair in the direction of the growth. Once you have shaved, apply a lotion to the area.

Ingrown Hair Lotion

100% Natural, 100% Organic.
Made by Troopix

Free of parabens, petrochemicals, synthetic fragrances, and colors, suitable for all skin types. In the rare event you feel like your skin is being irritated, stop use immediately.

How it Works


Apply pea size amount of Ingrown Hair Lotion onto areas where you see ingrown hairs, red spots, dark spots where ingrown hairs are present, or acne (can also be used for acne).


Gently apply to the area as it absorbs into the skin. You can keep it on overnight or use it after taking a shower for best results (if you prefer).


Keep using daily until affected area improves. Most people see results within 3 days. Please allow 2 weeks to see best results.

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